Executive leaders across all industries continue to face market challenges. Competition continues to accelerate; and, in retail, large chain stores compete by aggressively buying market share through acquisition, while small specialty and pop-up stores often lack the cost efficiencies of their larger competitors. New digital buying options fragment the retail purchase process, giving customers the ability to shop anytime, from anywhere. Digital shopping opportunities make it challenging for retailers to keep and build store traffic without big price incentives—however, these discounts can hurt overall profitability. While total retail sales reached $4.7 trillion in 2011 in the largest year-over-year increase since 1999 (U.S. Commerce Department), retailers continue to close stores. At the same time, they create new formats and reformat old stores in an effort to balance revenue generation with cost control. And, as customer retention and acquisition become more important, retailers struggle to understand how to create opportunity from each customer interaction. Retailers often find that creating that interactive dialogue with custo

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